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Soumah Yarra Valley wijndomein Australië

Located in the renowned Yarra Valley, Victoria's oldest wine region and the coolest in all of Australia, Soumah Winery ranks among the absolute summit of what Australia has to offer. The winery was founded in 1997 by Brett Butcher. This great admirer of Northern Italian wines from Piedmont, Trentino and Alto Adige as well as French Burgundy and Northern Rhone wines, discovered Yarra as the ideal location to provide an Australian answer to what he considered to be the very best wines in the world. In the cool climate of Yarra, grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, Brachetto and Pinot Grigio find a second home. Even Syrah, deliberately not vinified here as Shiraz, and Viognier produce wines here that easily rival their European counterparts. Quality begins in the vineyard with the philosophy of quality over quantity consistently applied in all areas. This results in extraordinary cool-climate wines, each able to convince even the most ardent classic wine drinker and are a perfect representation of what each grape variety and its terroir has to offer. Soumah is especially renowned for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, but has also achieved the highest scores and awards with all its other wines.


terroir Yarran Australische wijn

Poor sandy soils with loam and clay that are on average at a height of 120m which protects them from winter frost. The slopes provide good drainage and guarantee a perfect absorption of the sun's heat.


Soumah of Yarra Valley Australische wijnen Chardonnay Pinot Noir The Butcher

Discover what Yarra has to offer in terms of quality wines:

- Soumah Winery D'Soumah Chardonnay - SWA GOLD: The Chardonnay is picked as early as possible in order to obtain as much fresh citrus fruit as possible and to guarantee a lively acidity. Fermentation takes place mainly in wooden barrels for 8 months to obtain more structure and depth. It is a fresh, young and complex Chardonnay with aromas of peach, melon and stone fruit accompanied by a delicate touch of butter and vanilla. On the palate, its mineral, lively and refreshing character immediately emerges. Pleasant and easy drinking. The aftertaste is long and balanced.

- Soumah Winery Hexham single vineyard Syrah - SWA GOLD: 3 different clones of Syrah. Hand picked and selected. Fermentation is done as one plot. The wine is then aged in large wooden barrels of French oak (500L), 25% of which are new barrels. After aging for 18 months, the wine is bottled. Modern nose with lots of dark fruit such as black cherries and plums, violets, pepper and herbs, after which more smoky notes of wood, tobacco and leather come to the fore. Quite powerful style with a nice woody touch that is fully carried by the fruit. Long, intense and balanced finish. This wine will improve and harmonize after a few years in the cellar.

- Soumah Winery The Butcher - Thomas Henry Cut Syrah - Cabernet - Nebbiolo: The grapes are picked in the cool of the morning. Classic cool fermentation in stainless steel vats. The different grapes are fermented separately and then matured for 18 months in oak barrels, 20% of which are new. Then the final blend is made. The result is a beautiful, deep, dark red, shiny colour. In the nose we find a lot of red and dark fruit. Red berries, cassis, ripe plums and figs neatly enveloped by a 'toasty' touch of wood. Nicely structured style. Shiraz provides body and ripe black fruit while Cabernet Sauvignon adds more acidity and red fruit. Nebbiolo finishes it off with structure and finesse. Deliciously long finish.

- Soumah Winery Equilibrio - Limited Production Chardonnay - Decanter GOLD: After a preliminary green harvest, the grapes are picked by hand in the cool of the morning. Strict selection is made and the grapes are gently pressed afterwards. Cool fermentation in stainless steel barrels. No malolactic fermentation! The wine is then aged in French oak barrels, 27% of which are new. Only the best quality barrels are used. Beautiful golden yellow color. Creamy nose with lively notes of citrus and nectarine accompanied by deeper notes of toasted nuts, fresh oak, honey, vanilla and a hint of butter. Modern style of Australian Chardonnay, combining a fresh mineral character with body and complexity. The finish is also long, creamy and challenging. It's not for nothing that this range is called Equilibrio and is considered one of the best Australian Chardonnays currently available.

- Soumah Winery Equilibrio - Limited Production Pinot Noir - HH 95: 3 different Pinot Noir clones were used for the Equilibrio. Only the best grapes qualify for this. The different plots first undergo a green harvest and are fermented together after strict selection. The wine is then aged in the best French oak barrels for a year, 20% of which are new. The result is a complex nose in which there is much to discover. Fruity aromas of black cherries and plums, earthy impressions of mushrooms and forest floor supported by impressions of toasted oak, smoke, spices and a hint of mint. Remarkably balanced and silky smooth character. Long, noble and refined finish that once again confirms why Yarra Valley Pinot Noirs are among the best in Australia.

- Soumah Winery Equilibrio - Limited Production Syrah - Amazing by Us: 2 different clones of Syrah hand picked and strict selected. Preliminary green harvest and limiting the yield. A small part of the grapes are fermented as whole bunches to add a fresh vegetal touch. Aging takes place as one plot in French oak barrels. A mixture of barriques (225L) and larger wooden barrels of 500L. 40% of the barrels are new. On the nose there is a lot to discover: black and blue berries, violets, black pepper, cloves, forest floor and wonderfully toasted notes of the new oak. In the mouth, it opens nice and juicy with present but refined tannins. The taste is deep and intense. The finish is long and dry and leaves an arsenal of impressions.